In Olympia WA, learning about Olympia community media

May 15, 2010



I’m at acm-nw, where Trevor Griffey is talking about Olympia Newswire, a community based journalism project


Gloria Tristani speaks in Minneapolis

September 13, 2007

Here’s a video of comments from former FCC Commissioner Gloria Tristani at the Alliance for Community Media Conference in Minneapolis in July.   Gloria spoke on spectrum policy, issues before the FCC, and the recent controversy on Ken Burns’ documentary in Latino communities across the U-S:

Hannah Sassaman at ACM National Conference

September 12, 2007

After a summer-long hiatus, it’s the return of Scratch Pad!

To get things started off, here’s video of Hannah Sassaman from the Prometheus Radio Project at the Alliance for Community Media national conference in Minneapolis this summer. She’s introduced by Denis Moynahan from Democracy Now!

J-Lab New Voices Grant

April 9, 2007

SPNN got some nice news this past week about grant support for a news project we’re developing from the New Voices project of J-Lab. What’s even nicer is other community media and media justice groups (Reclaim the Media, Access SF, Cambridge Community TV) got awards for new projects.

The press release on the awards is here.

Citizen Media meets Citizen Media

March 21, 2007

Here’s a mention of community radio station KAXE in Grand Rapids MN working with some of the people involved with citizen empowerment on the web in Minnesota. I don’t know Griff Wigley that well, but he’s sort of a friend of a friend and has been involved with MN e-Democracy. Nice to see, especially because KAXE has such a great tradition of giving citizens a voice in their community.

Community Radio Conferences

March 16, 2007

Turn about is fair play…Several good radio conferences taking place….

WWOZ is a great station, preserving and honoring the culture at the heart of a great community….They will be hosting the National Federation of Community Broadcasters Conference in New Orleans, April 11-14.

Another community radio gathering is taking place in Madison, WI in July (hmmm…looks like Madison is some kind of hotbed).   WORT is hosting the 11th Grassroots Radio Conference, July 27-30.    I’ll be at ACM National so I’ll miss out on the Madison action.

Maybe someone could coordinate something so we can all get together, say in 2008, 2009 or 2010?

Et tu, Liz?

March 6, 2007

If you ever needed a justification for community control of content in radio, here it is:

As a remedy for the corrupt oligopoly practice known as “payola,” four broadcast conglomerates are giving away 8400 “free” half-hours on their radio stations to independent musicians and record labels.

Notice that the practice of pay-for-play won’t be stopped.  Radio stations will only now have to report their monetary reimbursements from industry.

Further 8400 “free” half-hours is equivalent to a little less than a year’s programming on one community radio station.    Why can’t the big four set up an independent endowment to ensure community control of the airwaves instead?

Payola explains some of the molding of audience behavior in the music industry.   There are lots of places to track the fight and get involved.  I guess I can now use it as a rationalization for the popularity of JLo and Jessica Simpson.  But my heart sinks at the news of Liz Phair being mentioned in the same breath as part of this corruption investigation.    Was my interest in Exile in Guyville just bought and sold by some industry hack?  Et tu, Liz?