Et tu, Liz?

If you ever needed a justification for community control of content in radio, here it is:

As a remedy for the corrupt oligopoly practice known as “payola,” four broadcast conglomerates are giving away 8400 “free” half-hours on their radio stations to independent musicians and record labels.

Notice that the practice of pay-for-play won’t be stopped.  Radio stations will only now have to report their monetary reimbursements from industry.

Further 8400 “free” half-hours is equivalent to a little less than a year’s programming on one community radio station.    Why can’t the big four set up an independent endowment to ensure community control of the airwaves instead?

Payola explains some of the molding of audience behavior in the music industry.   There are lots of places to track the fight and get involved.  I guess I can now use it as a rationalization for the popularity of JLo and Jessica Simpson.  But my heart sinks at the news of Liz Phair being mentioned in the same breath as part of this corruption investigation.    Was my interest in Exile in Guyville just bought and sold by some industry hack?  Et tu, Liz?

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